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The Founder of Adhiyoga, Adhiyogi, Sage of Undying Art, Sathguru, Jayadevar Ma   Siddhanandha Maharishi is not only a Siddha of divine grace but also an Embodiment of the Mystical Life and an Enlightened Ever Living Master. He radiates love, grace, joy, peace, compassion; self-confidence and optimism in all dimensions of his life.


He is a ray of light that can remove the darkness of your mind and he has the ability to guide and take you to the Moksha – Heaven. He shows the right, secret and sacred roots of life to know and live your life to the fullest.


Be Prepared to Permanently Attain Moksha

Of all living creatures on the earth, the human being is the one and only creature which can have wisdom. The human being is always in search of blissfulness and joyfulness for want of a pleasant mind and for want of completeness in mind.   

All people want to live peacefully and happily. Nobody wants to be in sorrows. The human race is unable to lead a blissful life and even understand the extreme joy of the life. What is the reason?

There is an ambition to our life. There is a method to live the life also. There’s a yogic way to get up in the morning, there’s a yogic way to go to sleep at night, a way to eat and a way to breathe. When the method of living our life becomes against the ambition of our life, we feel sadness, sorrows and miseries. 

We serve you  to get good physical health & mental health, to realize your self and to attain Moksha,


Plan Your Pregnancy

What is your need?    

(1) Do you  need ‘to select the sex of your baby before conception’? 
(2) Do you  need ‘to get the decided physical structure of your baby’?
(3) Do you  need ‘to get the expected IQ level of your baby’?
(4) Do you  need ‘to get the maximum longevity of your baby’?
(5) Do you  need ‘to get the treatment for your infertility’?

You can give birth to any baby as you like by practicing Adhiyoga.

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