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Adhiyoga Mukthi Peeta Arivar Ashram

     Every religion has a unique yogic way to make the people live with positive health. If you are really true to yourself, you can realize the supreme divinity within you. Respect, praise and love the Prophet, the Messiah, Mystics, Rishis, seers and Siddhas. 

     No religion says to lie, steal and kill but they all say to love and unconditionally love all.

     We serve people to attain Moksha, to realize themselves,  to get good physical health – mental health – perfect harmony of life.  We serve right education and correct training on all types of yoga according to the people. We serve all necessary needs to do researches on any type of yoga.

     Have you ever experienced the happiness of being completely truthful? If you can say and be that what you are out is the way what you are in, you can easily transform yourself into the marvellous divinity.

     We wish you a  happy and prosperous NEW YEAR – 2015.


     “Uyirunarkalvi” is the Adhi Yoga’s Promoted Traditional Yogic Method, the Most Powerful and Real Yoga Education for Healing, Self Realization and Life Skill Development, the Treasure and the Essence of Tamil for the Human’s Enrichment. All can definitely begin to remember and reconnect to their blissful and boundless happiness and will be inspired to be reinstated in their own place through practicing “Uyirunarkalvi”.


 “Uyirunarkalvi” ensures health, happiness and harmony of life to all.  “Uyirunarkalvi” heals chronic diseases like Asthma, Sugar, Piles, Diabetic complications etc,.. prevents diseases during regular practice. “Uyirunarkalvi” makes people experience the divine power which is in them and everywhere, attain peace, wisdom, natural joy and super power to live morally. “Uyirunarkalvi” provides promoted traditional yogic methods  for peaceful life of the modern age. “Uyirunarkalvi” preserves, protects and conserves our mother tongue Tamil, the treasure of Tamil literature and the essence of Tamil and transforms people to holistic, simple and honest life without disturbing the nature and society. “Uyirunarkalvi” provides enlightenment and proper methods of practicing meditation and helps  get good concentration,  increase memory power and  get rid of stress and unwanted habits.

“Maha Brahma Viddhai” – “Saahaakalai” – “Undying Art”