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About “Adhiyoga”



Adhiyoga is the light and real way of brilliant life.

The principles and technical training methods of Adhiyoga make every one of you……


…..Know your self,

…..Live your life to the fullest with complete bliss and health,

…..Become Amarar – Devar – God’s Child,

…..Enter in to the imperishable body with which you can enjoy the eternal bliss without disease – ageing- & death,

…..Attain the real weapon to conquer the death – Yama – without getting stuck in his hands,

…..Learn the holistic art – “Mahaa Brahmma Viddhai” – “Saahaakalai” – “Undying Art” to stay in purity in mind and body without fear, pain & ritualistic defilement (filthy smell, over weight, stiffness of the corpse) of death,

…..Gain power to get out of Ego, Lust & Illusion and get the victory over the death to stay in the pure immortality – Eternal Bliss – Heaven.


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