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Become “Amarar”

     According to the grammar book of Tamil, we can not consider that “Devar” and “Naragar” are the beings that live in heaven and hell after death.  It is clear that “Devar” and “Naragar” are living on this earth because the grammar of a language can not be written, set up and framed based on the things that are not seen with eyes – one sense of the five senses.

     According to Bhavananthi, a SamanaYogi and his grammar book for Tamil, it is as clear as the crystal that “Devar” who can go to heaven and “Naragar” who can go to hell are living on the earth with the human appearance and structure. That’s why he has classified all (“Makkal”, “Devar” and Naragar”) as “Uyarthinai”.

     If your knowledge accepts that “people”, “amarar – devar – god’s children” and “naragar” are living here on this earth, please carefully go through the remaining pages further.

Tamil says that there are only four type sources of creation of living beings.

They are:
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(1)   “Puzhukkam” – Pressure/ Sultryness,

(2)   “Vithu” – Seed,

(3)   “Andam” – Egg and

(4)   “Sinai” – Womb. 

It is said that there are seven kinds of living

beings on the earth. 

They are:

(1)   “Amarar” @ “Devar” – God’s children,

(2)   “Manu” – “Naran” – Human / People,

(3)   “Vilangu” – Animals,

(4)   “Pul” – Birds,

(5)   “Oorvana” – Reptiles

(6)   “Neer vaazhvana” – Living things in water and

(7)   “Tharukku” – Plants.  


     In the above said seven kinds of living beings, all living things from (2) “Manu” – “Naran” – Human to (7) “Tharukku” – Plants are born and created through the four types of source of creation as above said. 

      If it is right and understood, where are the “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children” born from?

     If all the creatures on the earth have been manifested through the four sources of creation, the “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children” also could have been born through any one of these four.  

Yes, you are correct.   

     They are also born from the “Sinai” – Womb. But directly they are not born as “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children”. First they are born as “Manu” – “Naran” – Human / People from the “Sinai” – Womb and after that they are born as “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children” from a separate, special and divine womb.  

      “Sinai” – Womb (Physical womb) gives birth to “Manu” – “Naran” – Human.    


     Divine womb (Mental womb) gives birth to “Amarar”, “Devar” and “God’s children”. 

     Swamy Madurai Sivapragasam says in his explanatory commentary for the book “Sithantha Sasthra ‘Sivapragasam’” of Kotravangudi Umapathi Sivachariyar, that “Uyarthinai” means “Theivayoni” and “Maanudayoni” and “Agrinai” means “Yoni” other than these. 

     The “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children” are first born as humans from the “Maanudayoni” (Physical womb of a human) and after that they are secondly born as “Amarar” – “Devar” – “God’s children” through the “Theivayoni” (Mental womb of a Guru). That means they are born again. They are born from the divine womb of an astral – subtle body.

     The early said four types of sources of creation are physical (Thoolam) and the creatures born from these are considered as sinful.

     The man who is conceived and born from the “Sinai” – Womb (related to the physical body) is considered as sinful and without sacredness.


     But the source of creation of “Amarar” is in the mental – austral – subtle body (Sookkumam) and “Amarar”, “Devar” and “God’s children” who born from this are considered as sinless and sacred.

The dead, normally dead are not “Amarar”.