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About Adhiyogi and Foundation

Others say about me like this:

Jayadevar Ma Siddhanandha Maharishi is not only a Siddhar but also an Embodiment of the Mystical Life and an Enlightened Ever Living Master.

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Adhiyogi, Sage of Undying Art, Sathguru, Jayadevar Ma   Siddhanandha Maharishi is not only a Siddha of divine grace but also an Embodiment of the Mystical Life and an Enlightened Ever Living Master. He radiates love, grace, joy, peace, compassion; self-confidence and optimism in all dimensions of his life.

     He is a ray of light that can remove the darkness of your mind and he has the ability to guide and take you to the Moksha – Heaven. He shows the right, secret and sacred roots of life to know and live the life to the fullest.

     Adhiyogi, Jayadevar Ma Sidhanandha Maharishi is the God’s gift presented to this modern people.
All people who are around him enjoy peace and joy, love and grace and also experience self-confidence and self-transformation.

I say about me

I am one among you and one just like you.

     The existence and the manifestation of existence groomed me to be a different and significant enlightened master to guide all. I went to different kinds of schools, colleges and universities to enjoy the Earthly knowledge and went to sages, caves, hills and mountains to experience the Heavenly wisdom.

     I naturally started writing poems at the age of 12 and have been awarded for many poems. I have written ” The Adhiyoga Thiruchoothiram” (The Holy Book that contains 6000 poems of Adhiyogic Practices to attain Samathi – Moksha.) As I am very much interested in music, I have undergone a course in Music College also. These are some gifts of the divine power granted to me to guide and take all people into the divine love.

     I have done many researches on yoga, religion, body, mind and soul. And also my findings have been presented by me and published in many International Conferences.


     Higher order of the creature on this earth is the man. Only the man can know the knowledge and experience the wisdom of “Generation, Operation and Destruction”. The man must become “Devar” or “Amarar”. Only the man can become “Devar” or “Amarar”. Moving, growing, reproducing and dying alone are not the goals of the human kind. Attaining Moksha – Heaven is the ultimate goal of this life.

     You are not going to enjoy “experiencing the heaven” only after death. You are to enjoy and experience the heaven here too while living on the earth. But, what you are experiencing here, heaven or hell, will be made permanent at your death according your lived life. The victory over the death is the must to enter into the eternal bliss.

     I impart the basic principles, traditional practices and promoted traditional methods to get the victory over the death and to attain samathi. If you are hungry, thirsty, you can make food, find source for quenching of your own. If you become ill, you can take medicine or get remedy of your own.  If you need anything, you can get it through the physic and psychic powers that have been granted to you.

     But, without the help of an enlightened master – sathguru, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. The one who permanently takes you out from the darkness and eternally put you into the light is sathguru.

     Not like the social, economical, political, educational, cultural, medical, ecological ignorance, above all, the permanent darkness of spiritual ignorance – deathly ignorance must be eradicated. Fear of death leads you against the eternal bliss and the love of sathguru takes you to the blissfulness. Be eligible to get the love of sathguru to attain Mukthi. Otherwise you will have to hand over yourself to death.

Bloom where you are planted and find the one that can make you bloom.

About the Foundation:


     Adhiyogi, Sathguru – Jayadevar Ma Siddhanandha Maharishi is the founder of Adhiyoga Education, Research and Training Foundation founded in the year 2000 and it is registered as a charitable and 100% non profit organization in 2008. This Foundation with its all dimensions inculcates and cultivates all human beings to realize their full potential.

     Making all people know and live their life to the fullest through “Adhi Yoga” – “Uyirunarkallvi” by providing awareness and training on “Adhi Yoga” – “Uyirunarkalvi” (The most powerful and real yoga “Education for Healing, Self Realization and Life Skill Development” which is the treasure and the essence of Tamil) and ensure health, happiness and harmony of life to all is one of the important and prime objectives of the Foundation.

     Adhiyoga Education, Research and Training Foundation also involves and sets its Footprints in the development of Environmental, Ecological, Educational, Economical and Social advancement through its several projects.

     We wish you an attentive journey to this site through which you can definitely begin to remember and reconnect to your blissful and boundless happiness and will be inspired to be reinstated in your own place.

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