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Know Your Self

Copy of DSC_0035      Of all living creatures on the earth, the human being is the oneand only creature which can have wisdom. The human being is always in search of blissfulness and joyfulness for want of a pleasant mind and for want of completeness in mind.  


     All people want to live peacefully and happily. Nobody wants to be in sorrows. The human race is unable to lead a blissful life and even understand the extreme joy of the life. 

What is the reason?


     There is an ambition to our life. There is a method to live the life also. There’s a yogic way  to get up in the morning, there’s a yogic way to go to sleep at night, a way to eat and a way to breathe. When the method of living our life becomes against the ambition of our life, we feel sadness, sorrows and miseries. 



     Without knowing the ambition and the method of living our life, we can not live happily. When the method of living our life becomes a barrier to the attainment of the ambition of our life, enjoyment of sorrows and miseries becomes an unavoidable one.

     Keeping ourselves in ignorance of our life’s ambition and keeping ourselves in ignorance of the method of living our life will lead us to an unwanted position in our life and will land us in trouble.

     The yogic art and science to all aspects of human life, the yogic knowledge to live it blissfully was carefully handed down orally from master to disciple for thousands of years. Eventually a portion of this vast body of knowledge leading to enlightenment, or self-mastery, was written down. These sacred teachings can be found in Tamil literature and in ancient Vedas.

     Virtually every aspect of human existence has an enlightened, efficient, and effective way to do it. This legacy of technical and spiritual knowledge that all Yogis studied and mastered through self realization is the gift they present to the human being.

     “Education for Union of Intelligence with Life Force” which is called as the “True Education” (Meikkalvi) by some siddhas and Maharishis should be taught to all the people. This “Education for Union of Intelligence with Life Force”  is called as “Uyirunar Kalvi” in Tamil.

     The education which helps us realize ourselves is called “Uyirunarkalvi”.      Any education that does not help realize oneself, can not create, develop, grow and remain moral behavior and good character (that can promote the human race from the lowest level to the highest level) within oneself.

     We can not deny the truth that the human race is a part of Nature, which is abundant providence. But with the limited physical and psychic abilities, through the level of physical strength granted to the human race, the human race is good enough to fulfill all the needs of their life.

     Knowingly or unknowingly ignorance of this providence of Gravity, negligence of the omnipresent and omnipotent power, when the human race mistakenly or wrongly uses their physical forces and psychic powers they have to suffer the appropriate results of their own actions according to the cause and effect system. That is why it is said, “As you sow so you reap”. So “Learn Yoga and live blissfully”.