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(Only one hour per Day)


Special Yoga & Naturopathy Treatment Programmes for











(Only Three hours per Day)

            We wholeheartedly welcome you all to this Programme.

All the students who attend this Adhiyoga programme can get the following benefits:


1) Participants can get awareness, education and training on “Uyirunarkalvi” – (“The most powerful and real Yoga Education for Healing, Self Realization and Life Skill Development”) and get positive health, happiness and harmony of life through the ADHIYOGA PROGRAMME FOR STUDENTS’ WHOLENESS”.

2) Participants can get healed from the chronic diseases like Asthma, Sugar, Piles, Diabetic complications, Obesity, Migraine etc,

3) Participants can know the yogic methods to prevent diseases by practising proper “Moochupayirchi” (Yogic Pranayam), correct “Assanas” and regular physical exercises.

4) Participants can experience the divine power which is in them and everywhere, attain peace, wisdom, natural joy and super power to live morally.

5) Participants can learn the promoted traditional yogic methods for peaceful life.

6) Participants can get inspiration to preserve, protect and conserve our mother tongue Tamil, the treasure of Tamil literature, the essence of Tamil and get renovation to holistic, simple and honest life without disturbing the nature and society.

7) Participants can get chances to become enlightened and learn proper methods of practicing meditation to get good concentration, to increase memory power and to get rid of stress and unwanted habits.

              We want to make every student aware of good health, conscious happiness and complete harmony of life and beneficiary of “Uyirunarkalvi”.  The yogic practices of the ADHIYOGA PROGRAMME FOR STUDENTS’ WHOLENESS” will definitely help the students to get rid of their stress and unwanted habits; enrich their moral values, discipline, and obedience; boost their positive health and good character to come out with flying colours.


    All the students who attend this Adhiyoga programme with full involvement can easily get good concentration and well improved memory power that can help the students to be attentive at their studies, to get good marks in their examinations, to become the topper of the state and to become the good citizens with ‘decorum with life virtue’.


                There is another important chance that we want to inform you about one that could very well benefit the students…After attending this Adhiyoga programme they will get more energy to invest on their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities than they have now. One student who fully makes use of this yoga program will definitely get the state first rank. Why the one may not be you? 

             So, we kindly request you all to take necessary steps to make a success of your life for the welfare, uplift and development of the society.


             Participants should be present in the Yoga Hall in time. As yogic practices should be learned and practised correctly and completely, late comers will not be allowed to attend the program.

             Traditional & promoted traditional yogic methods of practice for blissful life will be imparted to all the participants.  Valuable certificate will be issued to all participants at the completion of the yoga program.

              For more details……………………… please contact…………………………… +91 75986 24898.